How To Optimize your Contractor Company Website for Google

Ready to Optimize Your Bond Website for Google?

If you want the internet site for your  company to rank top in search engines and you’re in a large metropolitan area, you may face stiff competition, but there are many ways to succeed despite. You may find that it’s easier to rank high for search terms such as “kitchen update” and “room addition” than it is for “general contractor.”  Or for an electrician, the focus may be on “house rewire” rather than “electrician.” The electrician mighty has the longer term goal of ranking high on “electrician,” however in the meantime, he can gain perceptibility for his website with less strain-over keywords. The strategy he needs is just creating “landing pages.”

A California Contractor Bond company based out of San Diego has done a fantastic job of increasing their online exposure to you contracting company using the methods below…


How to Create More Leads

1. Put your goals down on paper. You did this for your marketing plan, right? You need to take the same approach to your marketing efforts. If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?

2. Can you be found easily? Sure, you have a contact us page, but be sure and include your company name and address information on each page.

3. Enlist the service of the local search engine listings like Yahoo Local, Google Local, Bing Local, Ask City, Yelp, and City search to name a few.

4. Research your keywords. Think like a consumer, better yet, get consumer input. Too often we as business owners get tunnel vision and think we know what our customers are searching for. More often than not, they search in a manner that is contrary to what we would have expected.

5. From the research above, pick about five of your most valued keywords for which you want to optimize your website.

6. Analyze the completion for your selected keywords. Find out who holds the rankings of the first page of Google, and see what they are doing effectively to gain the search engine trust and occupy the coveted first ten slots.

7. Create a list of the competition so you can track your progress against them. Then use Yahoo’s site explore to discover and analyze their backlink strategy.

8. Make sure your site is indexed. Using the site command in Google, enter for search to see what pages are indexed. If no pages are found you need to research why Google has not indexed your website.

9. Engage the use of the search engine online webmaster tools. Google has Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and Bing has Webmaster Central.

10. Set up Analytics and let it run for a couple of weeks to gather statistics about your website traffic.

11. Evaluate your site design. Have you checked it for compatibility with all the major browsers like IE, Firefox, and Safari? Double check your HTML for onsite factors relating to SEO.

12. Write a guest post on a construction related website about the contractor bond industry.

This list should be enough to keep you busy for a while, but unfortunately, it only scratches the surface. There is more information than you can possible imagine about how to accomplish all these tasks, and the opinions of the best ways are endless. With contractor business SEO expert things can be much easier.


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